The Kitchen is closed indefintely because of a fire in the building at 127 e. mifflin. We don't know the extent of the damage or cause at this time but we will be updating you as we find out more information. Thank you madison for your amazing support. 


The Underground Kitchen uses traditional techniques to cook unique Midwestern fare made from Wisconsin produce and provisions. We craft our own cocktails and serve a variety of spirits and beers from the region's best distilleries and breweries. Our menus change often to reflect the seasonal availability of food and allow for a constant creative presence in the kitchen.

The menu changes daily. On any given night, the menu posted here and the menu at the restaurant may vary.

dinner menu

drinks menu

late night menu

The Kitchen is closed indefinitely because of a fire in our building at 127 E. Mifflin. 

All mail and inquiries should be directed to our offsite facility at 

931 E. Main st #17, Madison, WI 53703

608.338.1527 or email us